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Jan 21 2013

Defeating attempts at academic boycott

british-israel-collaborationSome of the most eminent British and Israeli biological scientists came together yesterday for the annual UK Israel Life Science Council meeting. Hosted by the University of Haifa, the conference is the third meeting of the council, launched in 2010 to improve scientific collaboration between the two countries. Continue Reading »

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Jan 17 2013

British scientific collaboration

3z6o7549The University of Haifa is hosting a two-day event on January 20-21, focusing on regenerative medicine with BIRAX - The Britain Israel Research and Academic Exchange Partnership Regenerative Medicine Initiative. The events are being held in collaboration with the British Embassy in Israel and the British Council and will include a workshop for BIRAX grant recipients and the UK Israel Life Sciences Council 3rd Annual Meeting. During the workshop on January 20, a public lecture will be given by Lord Professor Robert Winston, a member of the UK-Israel Life Sciences Council and Professor of Science and Society and Emeritus Professor of Fertility Studies at Imperial College. The lecture will be titled: ‘Manipulating Reproduction’.
The lecture begins at 4.30 pm on Sunday, January 20
Hatter Student Building, Room 101. Continue Reading »

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Jan 01 2013

Diplomacy Studies for international students

_mg_0006The University of Haifa Diplomacy Program will be offering graduate study courses for future diplomats, academics, and practitioners, who are employed in a variety of public and private international, transnational, and multilateral organizations. Focusing on the role of collaborative diplomatic mechanisms, it is designed to provide students with new insights, concepts and analysis tools for fully understanding the enhanced functions of diplomacy in the highly charged global environment.

Learn more on the Academic Channel

Program brochure

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Dec 31 2012

The clowns you want around

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dsc_0302-2The First Advanced Medical Clowning International summer seminar took place at the University of Haifa’s Theatre Department, July 8-20, 2012.

Medical Clowning Seminar with Michael Christensen

Inspiring scenes from the Seminar

Twenty-eight medical clowns from Canada, USA, Brazil, Holland, Germany, Russia, and Israel studied together for two intensive weeks in classes and workshops. Continue Reading »

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Dec 30 2012

94% of high school students using cellphones in class

smartphoneOf Israeli high school pupils 94% access social media via their cell phones during class, reveals a new study conducted by the University of Haifa. Only 4% reported not using their cell phones at all during class. It was also found that in classes with more permissive teachers, cell phone use was lower than in classes where the teacher imposed strict discipline. Continue Reading »

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Dec 20 2012

Baby Talk

babycrawlingInfants who have started crawling wake up more often at night compared to the period before the crawling, reveals a new study by Dr. Dina Cohen of the University of Haifa’s Department of Counseling and Human Development.

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Dec 19 2012

Scholarships in Memory of Carmel Fire Victims 2012

The University of Haifa awarded 44 scholarships in memory of the victims of the Carmel Forest fire disaster of December 2010. The scholarships have been made possible thanks to a generous donation from Chairman of the University’s Board of Governors, Leon H. Charney. Continue Reading »

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Nov 08 2012

Gas Leaks Off Coast

sea-rocks1 The terms “gas” and “sea” for many will invoke associations of reserves, business, and a lot of money. Whatever the association, most of the efforts in Israel’s energy field are being directed at gas buried deep under the Mediterranean seabed. Now a new geophysical study, the first of its kind in Israel, has uncovered a system of active gas springs in the Haifa Bay seabed, at relatively shallow depths, only a few dozen meters below the surface. Continue Reading »

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Nov 08 2012

British, Canadian communities for U of Haifa

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Recent events in Toronto and London supported the University of Haifa’s programs and growth.



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Nov 06 2012

Going Green

The University of Haifa has dedicated Israel’s first research center for Green Roofs Ecology, which will focus on research and development of non-irrigated green roofs; improving biological diversity with green roofs; and developing ecological and evolutionary theories. The center has been established thanks to a generous gift from a British expert in the field, and was facilitated by VP for External Relations and Resource Development Amos Gaver. Continue Reading »

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