Dec 31 2012

The clowns you want around

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dsc_0302-2The First Advanced Medical Clowning International summer seminar took place at the University of Haifa’s Theatre Department, July 8-20, 2012.

Medical Clowning Seminar with Michael Christensen

Inspiring scenes from the Seminar

Twenty-eight medical clowns from Canada, USA, Brazil, Holland, Germany, Russia, and Israel studied together for two intensive weeks in classes and workshops. Visits to Haifa-area hospitals were arranged with the Dream Doctors Project, and seminar participants shadowed the Dream Doctors (Israel’s professional medical clowns) and worked with them in waiting rooms and at patients bedside. Participants also shared their professional experience and knowledge with others, visited Druze villages on Mt. Carmel, the Haifa beaches, the Galilee, and Jerusalem.

The next international seminar is planned for July 2014. For information, contact Dr. Atay Citron, Head of the Medical Clowning Academic Training Program, Theatre Department, University of Haifa:

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