Oct 17 2012

Battling Breast Cancer

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“The University of Haifa is proud to take part in this important campaign aimed at promoting awareness of breast cancer,” said President of the University Amos Shapira just as the University’s Eshkol Tower was lit up in pink for the night of 16-17 October, 2012, as part of a campaign to promote breast cancer awareness.

“The University, as do other academic institutions in Israel and around the world, is diligently researching the disease and ways to fight it, recognizing that academic research is key to defeating the disease. I am proud to be heading an academic institution that takes part in international research efforts in this area,” Shapira added. Lighting up the Eshkol Tower for a night was a collaborative effort with Estée Lauder Companies, the Israel Cancer Association, and Haifa Municipality.

Estée Lauder Companies’ campaign for breast cancer awareness has partnered with the Israel Cancer Association for the past 13 years and has included lighting up various sites in Israel over the month of October, such as Old Jaffa; Jerusalem’s Chords Bridge, Tower of David, and Shrine of the Book; the Azrieli Towers, Shalom Tower and Municipality building in Tel Aviv; and the tallest building in the Middle East - the Aviv Tower in Ramat Gan. This was the first time that the campaign included illuminating a building in the north of Israel.

A trial run for the University of Haifa’s Eshkol Tower was held on Monday, 15 October, which lasted for a few hours; and its success gave the go-ahead for the all-night illumination of the tower for Tuesday night.

The Israel Cancer Association recently published that the number of breast cancer cases in Israel has risen from 1 in 9 women to 1 in 7.5 women. It stated that women who have once overcome the disease carry a 24% chance of reoccurrence. The University of Haifa is home to a number of researchers who are working at understanding the disease and finding treatments for it. Among them are Dr. Dalit Barkan who has developed a unique model for researching reoccurrence of breast cancer; Dr. Sarit Larisch; and Prof. Fuad Fares.

Photo credit: Shai Levi

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