Mar 27 2012

Photography competition - 2012

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The 2012 prize-winning photography competition on Facebook is now open to the best University of Haifa campus photos!

Take a photo that reflects our campus, its atmosphere and people, and send it to the competition’s email address. The photo that gets the most “Share”s and “Like”s takes first place.
The new official University of Haifa page on Facebook (join us at invites everyone - new and veteran students, alumni, faculty members and staff, and any friends of the University - to take part in the prize-winning competition.

Take a photograph that relates to the campus experience, anywhere, at any time and from any angle, with or without people, a landscape or event, staged or authentic, serious or funny - everything goes as long as it has no offensive content. Send your best photo by email to and . . . wait for the “Share”s and “Like”s to rank your photo as the best.

On April 30, the “Share”s and “Like”s will be counted and the top three photos that got the most combined will win:
1st prize: VIP movie tickets for 2
2nd prize: Voucher at the University’s “Michlol” store
3rd prize: 1000 free photocopies at “CopyDaf” at the University

Judge’s Prize for Originality and Creativity: In addition, all the photos will participate in the Judge’s Prize for Originality and Creativity. The best photo will win 100 NIS for Elite-Café on floor 600, next to the Hecht Museum in the Main Building. This prize could also go to someone who already won one of the first three prizes!
1. Photos with any offensive or unsuitable content or titles will be disqualified.
2. The University of Haifa reserves the right to use the photos participating in the competition for publicity purposes.
3. The full list of rules is available on the University’s Facebook page.

So join us on Facebook - Click here

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