Feb 26 2012

Growing together

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The budding Friends and Alumni Society of the University of Haifa hosted a delegation of the Association of Yale Alumni on the Haifa campus, where the Yale representatives met with President of the University of Haifa Prof. Aaron Ben-Ze’ev, VP for External Relations and Resource Development Amos Gaver, CEO of Israeli Friends of the University of Haifa Shira Ben-Or, Vice Rector Prof. Perla Werner, and graduates of the University’s Ofakim honors program headed by Prof. Mina Evron. The guests revealed some of their experiences as members of an alumni association from one of the world’s most prestigious universities. “I hope that following this meeting, we will be able to strengthen the ties between both universities and our alumni associations. I am confident that we can learn something from you,” said Prof. Ben-Ze’ev.

The University of Haifa is currently undergoing considerable development, including enhanced activities being held by the Israeli Friends of the University of Haifa. The Israeli Friends are currently in the process of establishing an alumni association targeting academic/corporate participation that seeks to bolster fruitful partnerships between public-corporate endeavors and centers of excellence at the university. The Israeli Friends are also focusing on establishing an active and encompassing alumni association to provide a significant link in strengthening and empowering the university. Heading these developments is Dr. Dalia Perl-Olshvang, Director of Israeli Friends Relations and Alumni Association, and the alumni association’s activities will be the responsibility of the University’s Division of External Relations and Resource Development.

The meeting with Yale alumni, emceed by Dr. Michael Lazar of the Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences, was aimed at advancing international alumni relations and to gather information and tools for a successful association. Prof. Ben-Ze’ev gave a summary of the University of Haifa’s various areas of scholarship and activities, focusing on the University’s concentration on marine research, social responsibility and internationalism.

“Since coming to the University of Haifa, I have considered establishing a strong alumni association of great importance and I am convinced that we have many graduates who have achieved positions and status that now enable them to give back to the University. We want to learn from the best and you are, without a doubt, the best. I am sure we have much to learn,” said VP for External Relations and Resource Development, Amos Gaver.

The Association of Yale Alumni was established over 300 years ago, in 1701. A special round of applause from everyone present at the meeting was given to one of the Yale graduates who turned up in the association’s official dress: a striped blue and white suit, along with colorful matching hat and tie. One of the graduates presented the graduate’s scarf - an embroidered piece that was begun when the association was established, and since then the female graduates add more pieces of embroidery every few years. “The main secret of success for the Association of Yale Alumni is its always knowing where you are. Even when I moved to another state, I soon after received letters from the association. I have no idea how they found me, but I do know that the ongoing connection with the university and its alumni is one of the association’s strengths,” explained one of the Yale graduates.

The guests took a tour of the Aviva and Sammy Ofer observatory on the 30th floor of the University’s Eshkol Tower, where they were given a stimulating explanation of the surroundings and view from Prof. Arnon Soffer.
Dan Harel, formerly Deputy Chief of Staff of the IDF, outgoing Director General of Israel’s Ministry of Transportation, and a graduate of the University of Haifa’s Ofakim honors program said: “The University of Haifa gave me the opportunity to have an outstanding and very pleasant learning experience.”

The guests pointed out that the Association of Yale Alumni is active on various levels in parallel: events for all graduates; special events for specific classes and schools, local clubs, and interest-specific groups such as the Jewish alumni association. The Association of Yale Alumni works on a national level but also within 49 geographic areas within the USA.

Closing the special meeting, the guests thanked their hosts for the interesting discussions and said that they were invited to share lessons from their own experience, but that they feel that they too have what to learn from the University of Haifa.

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