Oct 11 2011

Musical news

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d79ed795d7a1d799d7a7d794The University’s Department of Music continues to break with conventions as four of its top faculty members combined forces to produce an album of their works.

The four exceptional composers, Dr. Yuval Shaked, Head of the Department, Prof. Eitan Steinberg, Prof. Oded Zehavi and Prof. Arie Shapira, published a new disc of contemporary music that reflects the diversity of styles and creativity in the Department of Music. An item in the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz’s art supplement “Galeria” describes the new disc: “The composition of Yuval Shaked may sound odd, at least in terms of its unique structure; the piece by Shapira requires careful listening, taking a deep breath and calmness; the charm of the work of Steinberg becomes clear only through repeated and careful listening, while the piercing notes of Shapira’s political work are immediately evident.” For more information on the disc contact the office of the Department of Music.

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