Jun 28 2011

Coming up: Summer semester

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A first in Israel: The University of Haifa is standardizing its summer semester as an academic term open to all of its students, with no added tuition fees. “The University of Haifa is continuing its dedicated services to its students. Now regular studies are available throughout the entire year, significantly increasing the options available to complete a degree,” said Rector of the University, Prof. David Faraggi.

Until now, the summer semesters held at the universities in Israel have been closed programs or classes for students who did not manage to pass required courses beforehand, and incur extra tuition fees.

This is changing here at the University of Haifa this summer, as the 2011 summer semester is opening as a standard semester, with the same status as the first and second semesters of the academic year. As the University decided to make this an option beginning this year, and not wait for next summer, some 75 courses in 15 departments will be offered this summer ; and it is hoped that many more courses will be available to students next summer. Students choosing to take summer semester courses will not be charged additional fees and will be accredited just like any other courses taken in the first and second semesters.  Students enrolling to retake courses in which they failed earlier will be charged the regular tuition fee.

“We are well aware of the difficulties facing many students who must work to provide for themselves while studying. Many students draw out their studies over a long period because of this, and in other cases students fall into financial stress. What should be a positive experience of study and personal development becomes a nighmare. What is more, the students’  ability to study properly is compromised. Now, these students will be able to spread their courses over three semesters instead of two and allow themselves more breathing space over the year. This additional semester will enable them to study, work and enjoy these wonderful years of their lives,” said Assistant to the Rector, Prof. Onn Winckler.

The 2011 summer semester at the University of Haifa will begin on July 10, 2011.

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