Jun 27 2011

Alumni Association is established

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The University of Haifa is currently establishing an Alumni Association, set to empower its graduates in taking national and global leadership roles in society and becoming an asset for Israel’s national development. The University of Haifa’s Alumni Association aims to provide its members with the latest in academic knowledge, broad international connections and accessibility to key decision-makers. Additionally, the association will promote its graduates in the employment market to contribute professional leadership and serve as a link in the dialog between the academic world and the worlds of finance, society and security in Israel and abroad.

“Our alumni are an inseparable part of the University community, and we will continue to assist them every way possible. We are proud of our graduates and our success is reflected through their success,” said President of the University, Prof. Aaron Ben-Ze’ev.

Thousands of University of Haifa graduates are highly active in the work force across Israel - in the private and public sectors and in the senior command of Israel’s security forces. The University’s Alumni Association will provide unique services for its graduates, which will include career development, resources for personal and professional enrichment, and opportunities to make a real difference in society. “Our graduates are a powerful extension of the academic excellence fostered at the University of Haifa, and through them we seek to shape and improve local and global society. We are committed to promoting excellence in our society beyond the limits of our campus as well,” stated Prof. Ben-Ze’ev.

“At the University of Haifa, we believe that our alumni are our best ambassadors, carrying with them our spirit of excellence, our aspirations and values,” said Ori Liber, Head of the Division of Marketing and Media at the University, and Shira Ben-Or, CEO of the Israeli Friends of the University of Haifa, who are spearheading the new Alumni Association project.

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