Jun 03 2009

Prof. Onno J. Boxma: Recipient of degree of Doctor of Philosophy, honoris causa, from the University of Haifa

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d791d7a7d795d7a1d79ed7941The University of Haifa yesterday (Tuesday) awarded Prof. Onno J. Boxma of the Netherlands the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, honoris causa. Prof. Onno J. Boxma is Full Professor of Stochastic Operations Research at Eindhoven University of Technology and Scientific Director of EURANDOM at Eindhoven, one of the most prestigious research institutes for the study of applied probability, computer science and stochastic operations. The ceremony took place at the in the framework of the University’s 37th Meeting of the Board of Governors.

The honorary degree was awarded to Prof. Boxma by the University’s Chairman of the Board of Governors Mr. Leon H. Charney, President of the University Prof. Aaron Ben-Ze’ev, and Rector of the University Prof. Yossi Ben-Artzi.

The honorary degree was conferred on Prof. Onno J. Boxma in recognition of his scientific and breakthrough contribution in the study of Applied Probability, and to Queueing theory in particular; his struggle against academic boycott on Israeli researchers and research institutions; his great support for Israel; and his friendship and support for the University of Haifa.

He is a member of the Scholars For Peace group that contests the attempts of professional unions in Europe to hold academic boycotts of Israeli researchers and research institutions.

Born in the Netherlands in 1952, he received a Master’s degree in Mathematics (1974) from Delft University of Technology and a Doctorate in Mathematics, cum laude (1977), from the University of Utrecht, under the supervision of the late Prof. Jacob Willem Cohen. At the University of Utrecht he served as Associate Professor and after that as Head of the Performance Analysis Group of the Center for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI), Amsterdam (1985-1998). In parallel (1987-1998), he served as Full Professor at Tilburg University and since 1998 has been Full Professor of Stochastic Operations Research at Eindhoven University of Technology. In 2005, he was appointed Scientific Director of EURANDOM at Eindhoven.

Prof. Boxma is a mainstay of worldwide research in the field of applied probability and stochastic operations, particularly of queueing theory and its application to the performance analysis of computer, communication and production systems.

Prof. Boxma has wide-reaching connections with Israeli researchers and with Haifa scientists in particular. In the course of his frequent visits to Israel he makes a point of visiting the grave of his mentor, Jacob Willem Cohen, in Haifa. He dedicates time and energy to fostering young scientists and research colleagues from the University of Haifa and other Israeli institutions, and assists in the advancement of scientists from minority and weaker sectors.

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