Mar 31 2011

Bank of knowledge

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President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Dr. Thomas Mirow visited the University of Haifa to learn how the University is merging academic knowledge and the private sector in view of developing and marketing academic knowledge. Accompanying Dr. Mirow were EBRD Vice President and former Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Jan Fischer. The visit set out with a meeting with President of the University Prof. Aaron Ben-Ze’ev and Vice President for External Relations and Resource Development Amos Gaver. The visit was initiated by Germany’s former minister of finance, Prof. Manfred Lahnstein. “I hope we manage to implement the model of academic knowledge transfer that we have seen here at the University of Haifa in order to advance similar processes in those countries where EBRD is active,” said Dr. Miro.

Also attending the meeting were Shlomo Oren, CEO of Carmel-Haifa University Economic Corporation Ltd. (the technology transfer organization of the University of Haifa) and Dr. Sara Lev, VP of Business Development at Carmel-Haifa. Oren took the opportunity to expose the guests from EBRD to the range of new and unique business enterprises that University scholars have founded: a new program to help learning disabilities; a technology to improve auditory skills for the hearing impaired; a new technology for the production of bio-ethanol (renewable energy); and more. After the meeting at the Office of the President, the group took a tour of the Center for Brain and Behavior Research, where Prof. Kobi Rosenblum presented breakthrough studies that the University is carrying out in neuroscience. Dr. Mirow said that he was “exceptionally impressed” by the visit.

Dr. Thomas Mirow is the fifth president of EBRD. He was appointed to the position in July 2008, replacing Jean Lemierre. Mirow held a number of leading positions in Hamburg from 1991 to 2001 and then served in the Federal Government. EBRD was established in 1991and is owned by 61 countries, the European Union and the European Investment Bank. According to EBRD’s policy, investments are made only in places that are committed to the principles of democracy and liberalism, and investments are made in sectors or enterprises that would not otherwise be able to grow.

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