Oct 31 2010

A green week

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The University is officially recognized as a “Green Campus” and celebrated its status with a “Green Week” as the campus opened its gates to a new academic year. Every day of the week was dedicated to a different topic and the events were accompanied by live broadcasts from the events on Haifa radio station. The “Green Week” was organized by Green Campus coordinator Rakefet Kruchmel.

Topics that were presented on the lawn included: saving water, saving energy, sustainable consumerism, recycling, environmental conservation, and community. The stalls set up on the central lawn represented various organizations and companies, such as the Electric Company, whose representatives provided explanations on how to save electricity, and stalls handing out complementary ecological water bottles and environmentally-friendly laundry detergent capsules.

One attraction that drew a lot of attention from students and staff - as well as President of the University Prof. Aaron Ben-Ze’ev, was the electric bicycle. This two-wheeler has a removable engine that can be charged at home and can go as fast as 25 km/hour; it can be used manually with the pedals, or with the engine. “Wow! This really picks up speed. I live near the University and it could be a great solution to get through the morning traffic!” said Eyal Ofir, Senior Assistant to the Vice President for Administration, who also tried it out.

Photo above (click to enlarge): President of the University tries out the electric bike.

Photo gallery from “Green Week”

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