Oct 31 2010

Click and win

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To mark the new academic year, the University of Haifa has launched a special prize-winning photography contest on Facebook. Contestants just have to upload a unique photo of the University and the photo to get the most “Like”s wins.

The University’s official Facebook group invites anyone interested - new and veteran students, academic and administrative faculty - to join in the prize-winning competition. Participants just have to take a unique picture of the campus - a great view, friends, an event or whatever looks spectacular and original.  Next, the photo must be uploaded and posted on the official Facebook group: “University of Haifa -official group”.

On November 4th, the three photos that got the most “LIKE”s will win:

1st prize: A ticket for two to the VIP lounge and movie at Yes Planet Haifa
2nd prize: Voucher for a special breakfast for two
3rd prize: Photocopying card with 1,000 free photocopies
Plus: Judges’ prize for originality and creativity - a voucher for 5 free baguettes at the new Rieger cafe on the lawn.

So, get out there with your camera and take the winning picture!!!

Join us on Facebook!

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