Oct 25 2010

Privacy in the age of Facebook

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A symposium entitled “Privacy in the age of Facebook” will be addressing social and legal implications of exposure to personal information amidst the growing popularity of social networks. The symposium will take place at the University of Haifa on Tues. October 26, with an outstanding panel of scholars from the USA, Canada and Israel focusing on the legal and social aspects of this topic.

Are social networks influencing the definition of what is personal, private and intimate? A great deal of personal and intimate information is publicized on social networks and the ever increasing popularity of user-created content applications is creating new challenges in defining the social and legal concept of privacy. What are the social and legal implications of almost unlimited accessibility to this information? What are the legal implications of willingly exposing personal information? What information limitations are expected by social network operators and users?

The seminar will discuss:
Reimagining “Privacy” in the Networked Information Society: Privacy’s function, emergent subjectivity and external attempts to render it fixed and predictable (Prof. Julie Cohen, Georgetown University School of Law)
The Devil is in the Defaults: Facebook’s various social and technological “defaults”, and their implications for privacy and the (in)voluntary disclosure of personal information (Prof. Ian Kerr, Canada Research Chair in Ethics, Law & Technology)
University of Ottawa Facing Up To Facebook: The Canadian Action against Facebook, Is enforcement against major international Internet players a viable strategy? (Prof. Michael A. Geist, Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law, University of Ottawa)

The event is organized by the University of Haifa’s Center for Law and Technology in collaboration with the Department of Sociology and Anthropology’s MA Program in Society and Technology.

The conference will take place on October 26, 2010, at the University of Haifa’s Aviva and Sammy Ofer Observation Gallery, Eshkol Tower, 30th Floor.

The conference will be in English and is open to the public - Registration is required.

Click here for the full program and registration

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