Apr 25 2010

Asian Studies Conference

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The University of Haifa’s Department of Asian Studies is hosting the Ninth Annual Israeli Asian Studies Conference, which will include key lectures by experts in Asian history, philosophy, economy and culture. The conference aims to provide a stage for scholars of Asia from Israel and abroad to present their research and to discuss a wide range of topics cutting through historical periods and academic disciplines. The conference, taking place on April 26-27, 2010 at the University of Haifa, includes lectures in English:

  • Guest speaker: Ramachandra Guha (Historian and Author, Bangalore): “Democracy and Violence: In South Asia and Beyond”
  • Round Table - 80 Years to the Salt March: Reflections on Non-Violent Resistance
  • Terms for and Notions of ‘Love’ in Asian Literatures and Popular Cultures
  • Modern Japan: Historical Issues
  • Subversive Thought and the Shaping of Modern India
  • Contemporary Bengali Philosophy
  • Perceptions of the Self in Asian Cultures
  • Traditional Elements in Chinese and Japanese Modern Art
  • Reflections on the Indo-Islamic: Past, Present, Philosophy, Representations

Click here for more details and a detailed program

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