Apr 25 2010

Israel’s Druse celebrate at Prophet Jethro’s grave

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April 25, 2010  The Jerusalem Post

Dr. Sayid Azzam of Usfiya . . . heads the Druse Research and Archive Section within the University of Haifa’s Jewish-Arab Center, which he established in 1974, and was until his retirement two years ago the supervisor over the Druse heritage studies in the Education Ministry, a position he held for 35 years. “The Druse religion first appeared in history approximately 1,000 years ago, in the time of Caliph al-Hakim in Egypt,” Azzam told The Jerusalem Post over the weekend. “The religion accepts the prophets of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, but adds new interpretations and other prophets as well. Much of the religion derives from exegesis of Islamic teachings, but reinterprets issues such as marriage – polygamy is prohibited among Druse, for example, as is the option of a couple that divorced remarrying.”

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