Feb 24 2010

Give and Take II

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The second “Give and Take” market organized by the Division of Human Resources drew hundreds of University employees to participate in donating and purchasing second hand goods. All proceeds of the market were donated to the needy.

“The ‘Give and Take’ market combines two values. On the one hand it encourages a change in consumption, recycling and saving habits: What I don’t want I give and what suits me I take. On the other hand, it also enforces the principle of giving: Giving unneeded items and giving a monetary contribution for the items, which is donated to the needy,” said Head of the Division of Human Resources Tamir Neuman.

The first “Give and Take” in September 2009 collected NIS 1,595.80, which was donated to “Latet” towards meals for the needy, and products that were not sold were donated to the “Mikol Halev” organization that collects for needy families. This year’s market more than doubled its proceeds, donating NIS 3,241.80 to “Yad Ezer l’Haver”, a Haifa-based volunteer organization that provides warm meals, dental treatment, shelters and more for needy children, youth, adults and Holocaust survivors.

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