Mar 30 2009

“Within two years Iran’s regime will collapse”

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“I guarantee that within two years Iran’s regime will collapse,” Ayatollah Dr. Mehdi Haeri Khorshidi said yesterday (Sunday). Khorshidi, an Iranian exile who was formerly a member of the Khomeini government, was speaking at an international conference “Looking at Iran” at the University of Haifa.

“Iran has powers that can stun and even defeat the government. There are other elements that wish to separate state and religion. They see that as long as Islamic rule forcibly clings to the government, religion is connected with all that is bad, which harms [the religion]. These elements include religious persons, university lecturers, judges, and members of parliament,” Khorshidi explained. He added: “We need no foreign element to replace the regime for us. We can and must do it alone.” Once the regime is replaced, the Ayatollah guaranteed, the new government will be on friendly terms with Israel too.

Ayatollah Khorshidi, who was formerly minister of justice in Khomeini’s first government and who was imprisoned for five years after that for criticizing the regime, put forward a heavy denunciation of the present regime, which he blames for the sickness of Iranian society. “Fifty percent of the university openings are reserved for people associated with the government, and in order to be accepted in the remaining places, the candidates must undergo tests that are of political character and not at all related to the study material. A respected 106-year-old Ayatollah, who can no longer see or hear, determined that using satellite is forbidden since it provides only sex-related films. For fifteen years, it was forbidden to use video machines, because the religious bodies feared that the youth would use them to view sex films. Thankfully, today the thirty million youths are less interested in the government’s propaganda against the West,” he said. According to Khorshidi, the government is afraid of its youths’ aspirations and desires because it is unable to meet their demands.

He added that even the economic situation in Iran has an impact in undermining the present government. “Prices go up twice a day and inflation is higher than 50 percent. In the past we have seen despotic regimes that have been able to survive for extended periods, but there the financial situation was reasonable. Due to the impossible financial state of affairs in Iran, along with the youths’ desires, the only thing that preserves the regime is the military – but how long can this situation continue?” the Ayatollah concluded.

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