Mar 30 2009

Germany’s attitude to Iran under attack

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An unusual, surprising, and sharp attack of Germany’s policy toward Iran was voiced last night by exiled Iranian Ayatollah Dr. Mehdi Haeri Khorshidi, who was a member of Khomeini’s first government, during a delivery at the opening of the “Looking at Iran” international conference held by the University of Haifa.

“Germany prefers its economic interests in Iran and billion-dollar financial transactions over activating pressure demanding an end to the Iranian nuclear program,” Dr. Mehdi Haeri Khorshidi said. Khorshidi was minister of justice in Khomeini’s first government and prime minister’s advisor on religious affairs. After criticizing the regime, he was arrested and imprisoned for five years. In 1986, Khorshidi managed to escape and find political asylum in Germany.

The Iranian exile stated that the Germany that he knew until he left there in 2003 increased its trade with Iran and ignored Iran’s nuclear program and its attitude to human rights. Khorshidi, who is living in Los Angeles at present and who made a special trip to participate in the University of Haifa conference, also expressed sharp criticism on the European Union for not making use of its power, as he says, in order to oppress the Iranian nuclear initiative and prevent a destructive war for Israel and the entire region. “Iran is dependent on Europe no less than Europe is dependent on Iran,” he stated.

Khorshidi’s sharp words aroused agitation in the hall and Germany’s ambassador to Israel, Dr. Harald Kinderman, who was present at the conference opening, had to make an unplanned appearance onstage and clarify that in recent years Germany has changed its attitude toward Iran.

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