Mar 26 2009

Annual Asia Pacific ESA conference opens at the University of Haifa

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The University of Haifa is hosting this year’s Asia Pacific Economic Science Association (APESA) annual conference. ESA is an international association that is devoted to the study of behavioral economics.

The sessions will focus on the relationship between psychology and economics in a wide variety of aspects, such as “Emotion, Decision and Risk: Betting on Gambles vs. Betting on People”; “Slow and secure or risky and fast: choosing between usability and security”; “Public goods: How Laws Affect Behaviour”; economic behavior in the face of ultimatums; and more.

A number of world-known specialists will be participating in the conference:

  • Prof. Uri Gneezy: Name-Your-Own-Price: On Fairness in Markets
  • Prof. Shyam Sunder: Value of Fiat Money in Laboratory Experiments
  • Prof. Peter Wakker: Making the Rich Domain of Ambiguity Tractable
  • Prof. Asher Koriat: The role of heuristics and attributions in affecting metacognitive judgments and their accuracy

Prof. Ido Erev of the Technion will be chairing a round table discussion on behavioral economics.

The conference will be taking place on March 26-29, 2009, at the University of Haifa.

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