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Oct 31 2012

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Oct 23 2012

ASUH bids farewell to President

dsc_0363-webThe American Society of the University of Haifa (ASUH) held a farewell reception, hosted by Chairman of the Board of Governors, Leon H. Charney, and Tzili Charney, for Prof. Aaron Ben-Ze’ev, who stepped down as President of the University of Haifa after eight years at its helm. Continue Reading »

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Oct 22 2012

Alumni taking the lead

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University of Haifa alumni take the lead: Success stories on the Academic Channel

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Oct 22 2012

Fighting Recurrence

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breastcancerribbon60% of breast cancer patients who recovered once are still at risk of recurrence, sometimes in other areas of the body. Dr. Dalit Barkan of the University of Haifa’s Department of Biology has developed a unique model that can help research the recurrence phenomenon and possibly prevent it.

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Oct 22 2012

Welcome to the 2012/13 Academic Year!

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Some 17,700 students, over half of whom are enrolled for advanced studies, began the new academic year on Sunday, 21 October, 2012 at the University of Haifa, about 300 students more than the previous year. The University recruited close to 50 new researchers over the summer, most of them scientists returning from abroad - bringing the number of researchers at the University to about 600, an all-time record for our University. “As every leading research university does, the University of Haifa has always considered excellent academic research and teaching its primary goal,” University President Amos Shapira said as he met with students and faculty around the campus. Continue Reading »

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Oct 21 2012

Hope for Alzheimer’s treatment

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833821_handsA link has been discovered between Alzheimer’s disease and the activity level of a protein called eIF2alpha. This has been reported in a new study conducted at the University of Haifa’s Sagol Department of Neurobiology, recently published in the journal Neurobiology of Aging. According to Prof. Kobi Rosenblum, head of the Department, altering the performance of this protein via drug therapy could constitute a treatment for Alzheimer’s, which is incurable. Continue Reading »

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Oct 17 2012

Battling Breast Cancer

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“The University of Haifa is proud to take part in this important campaign aimed at promoting awareness of breast cancer,” said President of the University Amos Shapira just as the University’s Eshkol Tower was lit up in pink for the night of 16-17 October, 2012, as part of a campaign to promote breast cancer awareness. Continue Reading »

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Oct 10 2012

Youngsters visit the Bronze Age

More than 500 Israeli youths logged out of Facebook and joined the largest community archaeological dig that took place at Tel Esur and recently completed its third season, headed by the University of Haifa. “For our first season, three years ago, youths living within a few kilometers of the site barely knew of its existence. It’s very fulfilling to see how they are already familiar with the location and are full of anticipation to join the excavations,” said Dr. Shay Bar of the University of Haifa who is directing the excavations. This year too, Dr. Bar does not hesitate to credit the young participants with some fascinating discoveries: female figurines from the Late Bronze Age (1400 B.C.E.), a scarab dating back to the 14th century B.C.E., an early kitchen and storage rooms. Continue Reading »

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Oct 02 2012

Amos Shapira takes office as University’s new President

“I am proud to be returning to the University of Haifa. As a leading research university, the University of Haifa has always considered excellent academic research and teaching as its primary goal. Beyond excellence in research and teaching, the University of Haifa is making a distinctive strategic contribution to Israel and to society by way of creating a shared experience for the country’s different populations and by strengthening and conserving the northern region of Israel as a strategic asset for the entire country.” Continue Reading »

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