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Aug 29 2012

No. 19

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At a glance: Recent news and updates from the University of Haifa

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Aug 26 2012

Face to face with a 3rd-century inhabitant

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img_3925_anat_flatA new and fascinating discovery at the University of Haifa’s 13th season of excavations at Israel’s ancient site of Sussita-Hippos: the image of an inhabitant of the city, most probably from the Roman period (circa 3rd century C.E.), chiseled in a burial stone. “I lifted a stone that was covering a piece of embossed basalt and realized that a face from Sussita was gazing out of the stone,” described Dr. Michael Eisenberg who is heading the excavations. As with many archaeological findings, it was a surprising discovery in a surprising location. Continue Reading »

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Aug 07 2012

No. 18

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Take a glance at recent new and updates from the University of Haifa

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Aug 07 2012

Transatlantic Studying

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A new and specially designed course at the University of Haifa is offering a transatlantic study opportunity, enabling students on the University of Haifa campus and students at the University of Georgia, USA, to learn together in real time - via video conferencing.

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Aug 06 2012

London to Haifa: An amazing race

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Co-Chair of British Friends of Haifa University Jonathan Lux drove an unusual race car from London to Haifa to raise funds for a unique international academic programme in Peace and Conflict Management Studies at the University of Haifa.View on the Academic Channel

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Aug 05 2012

Back Door Channels

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“I am proud that the University of Haifa has been chosen to lead the Israel Center for Mediterranean Sea Research. And who knows - perhaps through science and scientific collaborations we will bring about peace,” said Mr. Leon H. Charney, Chairman of the University’s Board of Governors. Charney was speaking at a special panel following a screening of the film “Back Door Channels: The Price of Peace”, about the secret discussions between Israel and Egypt that led to the Camp David Accords in which Charney played a key role as secret advisor to US President Carter and to Israel’s minister of defense.

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Aug 01 2012

The ‘lone wolf’ terrorist

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A mounting global threat is of terrorists who act as “lone wolves”. Locating and preventing such terrorist activity is more complicated than organizational terror threats. A new study conducted by Prof. Gabriel Weimann of the University of Haifa, reveals that these “lone wolves” are not in fact so isolated and belong to virtual terrorist communities on the Internet. Continue Reading »

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